Decentralized Identity 101

Underlining its public commitment to the advancement of decentralized identity,, a public benefit company, today announced the launch of its, “Decentralized Identity Bootcamp.” The goal of Indicio’s Bootcamp is to help teams learn what they need to know about decentralized identity—the technology and the current business landscape—to start implementing an identity solution quickly.

Companies will be selected to participate in five days of unique programming that provides their teams with direct technical training from some of the best engineers in decentralized identity today, and comprehensive support in business and marketing. Under this tutelage, the teams will develop investment pitch-ready projects.

Indicio’s Bootcamp combines elements of its successful training workshops into one program:


Day 1: Comprehensive verifiable credential training

Day 2:  Building a business model, marketing and writing for decentralized identity

Day 3: Architecting your decentralized identity solution

Day 4: Mediator, mobile, and enterprise agent training

Day 5: Pitch event with indicio team / Indicio node operator community

The cost of this five day program, if taken as separate workshops, would be $5,000. We are making this bootcamp available to qualifying companies for $999.

The first bootcamp will take place from July 12th – 16th. Participating teams are limited to five members in number.


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