Char Howland biography

Char is the manager of the Indicio Academy.

The Indicio Academy is the learning platform for decentralized identity technologies and trusted digital ecosystems, which provide a way to issue, share, and verify high-value data in a secure and privacy-preserving manner. The Indicio Academy offers three certifications that include foundations, technical, and business tracks. These certifications allow participants to learn from industry experts and receive credentials upon successful completion of multiple exams. Participants graduate from the program with an understanding of the importance of trusted digital relationships and the means by which organizations can create, measure, and maximize economic value from trusted data.

Char has led the Indicio Academy since its inception. In this leadership role, she manages and contributes to the development of training materials, tailoring them to the unique requirements of diverse industry verticals and client-specific use cases. Her strategic insight has been instrumental in driving the program’s success and ability to meet the significant demand for courses on this technology.

Char joined Indicio as an associate after graduating college. Growing with the company, she quickly took on a variety of responsiblities, including managing the Indicio Associates Program. This program supports recent graduates and those making a career transition to gain experience in this industry, receive mentorship, and contribute to important client projects. Char developed the mentorship program, employee review system, and training resource center for associates.

Char draws on her experience working with the open-source community as the co-chair of the Hyperledger Identity Special Interest Group and the Hyperledger Indy Contributors Working Group, as well as her technical experience as a software engineer actively contributing to open-source decentralized identity projects. She has helped create educational content for the Hyperledger Aries project through the workshops and has contributed thought leadership to the community through blogs and interviews.

Char has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Willamette University and is based in Denver, Colorado.

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